Moon Area Lacrosses (MALAX) mission is to promote the growth and development of both the student-athlete as a strong individual and the game of lacrosse. This mission will be undertaken within the Moon Area School District and neighboring communities.

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About Moon Area Lacrosse
  If you are new to Moon Area Lacrosse  or Lacrosse...
Corporate Sponsorship Packages
  Moon Area Lacrosse Club  Corporate Sponsorship...
About Moon Area Lacrosse


If you are new to Moon Area Lacrosse  or Lacrosse in general, we welcome you to our club! 

Moon Lacrosse was founded in 2010 by Moon Middle School Teacher Harry Watts.   We are a registered not for profit and have direct affiliation with USA Lacrosse.  The Moon Board of Directors are unpaid volunteers who are asked to serve a three (3) year term as per our published By-Laws with terms starting September 1st. 

The Moon Area Lacrosse Association is responsible for managing ALL aspects of Boys and Girls lacrosse in the Moon Township Area, from the Youth levels through High School.  This includes all planning, organizing, executing each annual plan, hiring and managing paid staff,  coaches salaries, field equipment, referees, Emergency Medical Technicians or Athletic Trainers, website, insurance, boys and girls league fees, USA Lacrosse annual fees, and other miscellaneous expenses.  


The board has 9 elected members.  


Officers of the MALAX shall comprise a minimum of nine (9) Members in good standing, but no less than seven (7). These individuals shall include a (1) President, (2) Vice-Presidents High School-1 boys and 1 girls, (2) Vice-Presidents of Middle School- 1 boys and 1 girls, (1) Secretary, (1) Treasurer, and (2) At Large Members.

The board holds meetings monthly that are composed of 2 parts.  There is a general session that is held at the beginning of the meeting that is open to any member in good standing and followed by a closed session of only board members.    


Communication by the board is primarily through posts on the Moon Area Lacrosse Website and group emails distributed to any person who is registered on the Moon Area Lacrosse website to receive email communications.  

General inquiries regarding Moon Area Lacrosse Association and lacrosse in the Moon Area should be submitted via our website Feedback page or directly to our email address .


We thank all of our families, sponsors, and fundraising partners for your support over the past 12 years.   Moon Area Lacrosse would not exist today without the tireless efforts of our volunteers.   If you are interested in volunteering in any capacity, please let the board know by sending an email to . 


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Corporate Sponsorship Packages


Moon Area Lacrosse Club 

Corporate Sponsorship Packages


Corporate sponsorships are an integral part of Moon Area Lacrosse’s fundraising efforts.  Corporate sponsorships along with other fundraising efforts are used to aid in reducing registration fees for our student athletes that are necessary to cover fees for coaches, uniforms, emergency medicine, referees, and transportation to high school away games.  In comparison to other sports, our corporate sponsorship packages provide double the exposure for your business.  Your business will be advertised and featured in announcements several times every week during both the boys’ and girls’ varsity and junior varsity games. This year is particularly important for corporate sponsorships because some of our typical fundraising events continue to be hindered by Covid-19 restrictions.  Please take this opportunity to support our local lacrosse club while gaining exposure in the community for your business.  Additionally, you also have the option to purchase an exclusivity package in your business segment.  We look forward to working with you in continuing the tradition of Moon Area Lacrosse.  Thank you for supporting the Moon Lacrosse Student Athletes.

Please direct any questions to Adam Eubanks at .  


Individual Sponsorship Opportunities

Banner Sponsorship at games:  $300

Sponsor on Moon Lacrosse MS T-shirts:  $125

Social Media/ Website advertising:  $125


Package Sponsorship Opportunities

Package #1: $ 600

Banner Sponsorship

T-shirt sponsor

Social Media / Website advertising

Recognition at Boys and Girls High School games

Package #2: $800

All items in package #1 plus exclusivity for your particular business type

Package #3:  $1000

All items in package 2 and sole sponsor on Girls or Boys High School Shooting Shirts.  Limit of 2 businesses 1 for girls shirts and 1 for boys shirt Fund Raisers/2022 Corporate Sponsorships/Moon Lacrosse Club Sponsorship Registration Form.pdf


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