Moon Area Lacrosses (MALAX) mission is to promote the growth and development of both the student-athlete as a strong individual and the game of lacrosse. This mission will be undertaken within the Moon Area School District and neighboring communities.

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Below is some brief information on each club. Be sure to check out the individual websites for further details and the most up-to-date club info. If tryout dates are not posted, do not hestitate to contact clubs to find out that info!!!


True Lacrosse is committed to the expansion and progression of lacrosse. Our combined knowledge, experience, and passion allow us to offer the best service, products, and guidance necessary to further develop the fastest game on two feet. Our mission is to spread the game of lacrosse throughout the entire Midwest and onto areas of the country where lacrosse has not been fully embraced. We understand that lacrosse is a lifestyle not a hobby and we value the dedication required to excel in this sport.

Our players are asked to commit time over the span of the year to get better at lacrosse. We don't ask our athletes to quit other sport, rather encourage them to continue fall and winter sports. We do ask them to push them selves a little harder by giving us a day in the depths of winter to pick up and stick and start working on what will win us games when we travel to our respective tournaments. We offer 70 some odd hours of practice time over the year and taking advantage of that time is paramount to continued development as a player. 

Please visit TRUE'S website for more information on the program and teams HERE!


For additional information visit:

                                                                                   Pittsburgh 79ers Lacrosse 

The Pittsburgh 79ers are a Competitive lacrosse team. They currently field 10U, 12U, and 14U teams and offer excellent coaching, local scrimmages, awesome tournament destinations, and turf & grass practices.  All for about 1/3rd to 1/6th the cost of local clubs.  Check out their website HERE!