Moon Area Lacrosses (MALAX) mission is to promote the growth and development of both the student-athlete as a strong individual and the game of lacrosse. This mission will be undertaken within the Moon Area School District and neighboring communities.

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Moon Area Lacrosse Volunteering Opportunites


Boys Board Member

The Moon Area Lacrosse Board is seeking candidates who may be interested in joining the Board of Directors and serving for a three (3) year term.   If you or someone you know may be interested, please have them contact me or any other member of the Board.  A letter of interest  can also be sent to the general Moon Area Lacrosse email.    

More detailed information about the structure of our club can be found here in our published By-Laws


Section I: Officers of the MALAX shall be comprised of a minimum of nine (9) Members in good standing, but no less than seven (7). These individuals shall include a (1) President, (2) Vice-Presidents of Administration-1 boys and 1 girls, (2) Vice-Presidents of Operations- 1 boys and 1 girls, (1) Secretary, (1) Treasurer, and (2) At Large Members.

Section II: The term of the officers shall be three (3) years unless otherwise specified due to corresponding player’s graduation date, consistent with the MALAX’s fiscal calendar and may stand for re-election. Officers shall not receive any monetary compensation or other benefits for their services as Board Memnbers except for in the circumstance that they are under legal contract with MALAX as the Boys Coordinator or Girls Coordinator.



Section I: Any candidate(s) for election to the Board can be nominated during the June Board meeting. Board members must be the parent or legal guardian of a registered MALAX Player, a legal resident in the Moon Area School Distict, and must be in good standing with MALAX. Nomination of candidate must be seconded by another member in good standing.

Section II: The officers of MALAX shall be elected at the following meeting after nominations. Elected officers will assume their duties effective September 1st or sooner if a vacancy is being filled and the incumbent cannot fulfill the duties through the end of the fiscal year. Officer positions shall be filled first by existing Board members finishing their terms, and At-large postions filled by newly elected Board members for learning purposes.

Section VII: MALAX Board members shall attend monthly meetings scheduled by the President. Board Members shall not miss more than three consecutive meetings to maintain their eligibility on the Board of Directors.


Site Manager 

WHAT/WHO IS A SITE Manager: This person CAN be the score keeper, can be a different person each game, can
be an assistant coach (IF you have more than one coach on the sideline), etc. The responsibility of this
person is to help ensure safe and appropriate games for the athletes.    See Site Manager Duties HERE.